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  Cold Chain Tips: How to Choose a Refrigerated Truck Refrigeration Unit
  (1) Choose according to the size of the refrigerated compartment: Independent units or non-independent units can be selected. In general, a car with a height of 6 m or more is suitable for selecting an independent unit. The size of an independent unit can be determined according to the length of the car. Non-independent units shall be used for the carriages below 6 meters, where the room temperature is to reach -20 °C.
  (2) According to the temperature requirements of the goods shipped by the refrigerated truck: The cryogenic unit or the fresh-keeping unit can be selected. In terms of price, it is more expensive and fresher units are relatively cheap. For an inexpensive fresh-keeping unit, the unit itself does not have a defrosting function. Even if some fresh-keeping units claim to be below minus ten degrees, it is an exaggeration.
  (3) Choose according to the requirements of distribution of refrigerated trucks: For example, when refrigerated trucks are used to distribute ice-creams from point to point in the city, then it is necessary to choose regenerative cooling units or independent units, and only point-by-point distribution with long-distance or long-distance intervals in the city. Only suitable for fan-type refrigeration units.
  (4) According to the origin and brand of refrigerator: You can use imported or domestic brands.
  There is also to tell everyone that regardless of domestic or imported units, we must pay attention to the unit's temperature sensor is enough to install in the return air position of the evaporator, because the unit's temperature sensor is installed in the return air or exhaust position in two cases, The temperature reading will differ by 5°C.
  With the development of market economy, increasingly fierce market competition, high technical level, good product quality, advanced management methods, and sales services, it gradually shows its advantages in occupying the market. Its development prospects are very bright!