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Company culture

About us

  I. Corporate mission: Achievement of customers Achievement of employees Achievement of enterprises
  Enterprises benefit from him first to be self-serving. As a cold chain service provider, the achievement of customers is the basis for the development of the enterprise; achievement of employees is to help employees plan career orientation, pay attention to training and reasonable incentives, so that employees' capabilities can be fully exerted, so that employees as a member of the cold chain full of pride; Both the customer and the employee are satisfied. The company can maintain its leading position in the market competition in order to create profits for the partners and create benefits for the society.
  Second, business philosophy: lead the life, open the chilling age
  The purpose of the cold chain service is to enable food, commodities, etc. to always be in a suitable temperature environment, to achieve the purpose of maintaining a fresh nature, so as to meet the increasing quality of life of human beings. At the same time, the cold chain service itself is environmentally friendly and creates a comfortable and clean space for humans and the earth. The continuous innovation of a cold chain service is a new, safe and healthy concept for human life.
  III. Enterprise Spirit: Integrity Altruism Innovation
  Integrity - There is no faith in people, and there is no faith in the industry. The speaker is not interested and the listener is interested. The walker is unintentional, and the listener is interested. Hengyuan's employees insist on the imperative, the decisive work attitude, and treat each customer with integrity.
  Altrue - insist on serving customers one minute longer than the required time, one more service promised for the customer, allowing partners and customers to enjoy a little more moving services for free.
  Innovation - Only by continuous innovation can companies have value! Hengyuan encourages every employee to innovate, service innovation, product innovation, work details innovation, and integrate innovation into employee's thinking.
  IV. Management Concept: Value Standardization Digitalization
  Value - People-oriented, respect, understand, treat and inspire the value of each employee, giving every employee full play to create a family atmosphere and harmonious atmosphere.
  Standardization - Each of our work must comply with the implementation of the corresponding standards to achieve the corresponding standard requirements, so that there are chapters to follow, chapters must follow, and violations must be investigated.
  Digitization - Our work plan, goal management, report summary, and performance assessment must all be presented in the form of data.