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Legend Holdings

About us

  Lenovo Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Lenovo Holdings”) was invested by 20,000 yuan from the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1984, and was founded by 11 researchers including Liu Chuanzhi. After 30 years of development, Lenovo has gone through three leapfrogging stages from single IT fields to diversification to large-scale integrated enterprises. In 2013, Legend Holdings had a consolidated turnover of 244 billion yuan and total assets of 207 billion yuan. At present, the total number of Legend Holdings employees is about 59,445 (including 7,752 international staff)。
  Lenovo Holdings has created Lenovo (HK0992), Digital China (HK0861), Junlian Capital (formerly Lenovo Investment), Hony Capital, and Rongke Zhidi, leading companies in a variety of industries and cultivated many Leading figures and a large number of outstanding talents. Legend Holdings has a deep understanding of the enterprise mechanism system, creatively designed the corporate governance structure, attached great importance to and gave full play to the role of the people, created a career stage for employees, and greatly stimulated the vitality of the enterprise; at the same time, it used many years to engage in industry and investment. The accumulated knowledge of the laws of corporate governance, excellent corporate culture and good brand reputation are striving to create more outstanding companies and achieve the ideal of serving the country.
  In 2010, Legend Holdings established a medium-term development strategy: through the acquisition, construction of core assets, to achieve leapfrog growth, from 2014 to 2016 became a listed holding company.
  In order to achieve the medium-term strategic goals, Legend Holdings currently adopts the parent-subsidiary company's organizational structure. Its business layout includes core assets operations, asset management, and the “Star of Legend” incubator investment. Among them, core asset management is the pillar business for Lenovo Holdings to achieve its mid-term strategic goals, including IT, real estate, consumer and modern services, new chemical materials, modern agriculture, and its asset management segment (including Junlian Capital, Hony Capital), The “Associate Star” incubator investment segment formed a good interaction. The asset management segment will continue to generate cash flow, provide capital protection for the operation of core assets and investment of incubators; at the same time, asset management also plays an important role in the core asset project repository.
  Junlian Capital and Hongyi Investment were established in 2001 and 2003, respectively. They are members of Legend Holdings specializing in venture capital investment and equity investment and management, and the first funds are from Legend Holdings. Based on the root culture of Legend Holdings and its deep understanding of the laws of enterprise management accumulated over the years, as well as strong support for brands, funds, and resources, Junlian Capital and Hony Capital continue to practice and innovate, and has now become an industry leader, not only for Investors have created excellent returns and have also created a professional investment and advisory team.
  Today, Legend Holdings has developed into a large-scale integrated enterprise. After 30 years of continuous practice, exploration and conclusion, it has made certain breakthroughs in four areas: it has taken the lead in blazing the trail of high-tech industrialization of scientific research institutes with Chinese characteristics. Whether Lenovo's “trade-work-technique” practice or Lenovo's later venture capital investment and the “association star” are all actively promoting the greater development of Chinese technology companies; based on the Chinese home market, with the international PC giant The success of the competition has led to the development of a large number of national IT companies. After that, the success of the Lenovo Group's internationalization has provided confidence and accumulated valuable experience for Chinese companies to “go global”; successful implementation of the joint-stock reform of state-owned high-tech companies has made employees become masters of the company and has laid a solid foundation for the long-term development of the company. The foundation of the study has also explored a path for the reform of the mechanism of high-tech enterprises in China's scientific research institutes; it summed up the rules of enterprise management with the core of “management three elements”, formed the core competitiveness of Lenovo, and trained a group of leaders. Characters have achieved a leading position in many industries.
  In the past 30 years, Legend Holdings has always been making unremitting efforts to become a “trusted and respected” company: comply with laws and regulations, pay taxes according to regulations; provide high-quality employment opportunities, pay attention to the cultivation and encouragement of talents, and provide a broad range of people with capabilities. Career development stage, building a good corporate culture; advocating good business ethics, consistently practicing social responsibilities at various levels of corporate operations; leveraging years of accumulated resources and experience to support entrepreneurship and helping more SMEs grow and prosper At the same time, it also has long-term sustained attention and input in support of education and promotion of positive attitudes. Legend Holdings firmly believes that the spirit of “being good, doing good, and making good for the society” will be handed down from generation to generation by Lenovo.
  Lenovo Holdings is moving forward with its vision: taking the industry as its country of office, it is committed to becoming a trustworthy and respected company with leading companies in many industries and influential international holding companies.
  The core assets operation is the pillar business of Lenovo Holdings to achieve its medium-term strategic goals. Through strategic investment, it can invest in or establish ambitious companies in industries with long-term development potential, build more favorable resource platforms, and continuously cultivate and enhance corporate competition. Strengthens its long-term development and makes it a leading company in the industry. The member companies include: Lenovo Group, Rongji Zhidi, Fenglian Group, Suzhou Xingheng, Gain Supply Chain, Anxin Yihe, Shenzhou Car Rental, Hongji Enterprise, Joint Insurance Broker, Lakala, Zhengqi Finance, United Group, Jia Wo Group and other companies.